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Library Room Reservation Form: Home

This form is for students, faculty, and staff to use to request a room reservation.

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Learn how library services have changed in response to COVID-19.

Library Spaces FAQ's

Rooms 206, 207, & 208. These rooms may be scheduled for small group use, one-on-one meetings, or individual study use. They are both equipped with a dry erase board.
Room 100A. This study room located on the first floor in the ASC area is equipped with a computer and flat screen TV. This room is to be reserved for students practicing class presentations.
Room 100B. This study room is located on the first floor in the ASC area and is equipped with a TV, DVD/VCR player, and dry erase board. It may be reserved for students needing to watch a film for class purposes.
Room 100C. This study room is located on the first floor in the ASC area and is equipped with a table large enough for a small meeting to take place and a dry erase board.
Room 113. The library does not schedule the Spoede Study Studio for classes on a regular basis. The library will, however, allow reservations for one-time events at the discretion of the Director or the Public Services Librarian.
Room 112. The library schedules this room only for academic use requiring the computer equipment, not as general meeting space.
Room 204. The Registrar schedules certain small seminar classes in this room, and the library may schedule one-time events on rare occasions in this room. The library does not schedule ongoing classes in this room.
There are two group discussion tables set up in response to the new COVID-19 physical distancing policies. One group discussion table is located downstairs in the Study Grind area, and the other discussion table is located upstairs behind the new classroom. These discussion tables are limited to four students each. They can be reserved for use or freely used if not already reserved.