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How to Bypass the "Security Error" Message: Home

Why am I receiving this error message?

We are temporarily experiencing some problems accessing some of our library databases from off-campus. It is not at the fault of the database website. They are indeed secure and will not put any of your information at risk. The problem is with our on-campus proxy server. We are working with our I.T. department to resolve it. In the meantime, please follow these steps to access the databases affected:

How do I bypass the security/privacy error message I encounter on certain databases?

1. When you click on one of the affected databases from off-campus, you will see error messages similar to these:

(This example is from the Safari internet browser)

(This example is from the Chrome internet browser)

2. To get access to the database, click on "Visit this website" or "Advanced" or "Proceed" depending on which internet browser you are using. You will be taken to the database and you can proceed researching as usual.

3. If the above steps do not take you to the database, do not proceed further and contact us at