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The Library in Brightspace: Link to a Library Database

Professors, this guide is meant to show you the different ways in which you can incorporate the library and its services into your Brightspace courses.

Library Resources for Your Brightspace Course

How to Link to a Library Database

1. From the library's homepage (, click on "Articles and Databases."

2. Find the database you want to link in Brightspace. Do not click on the database's name to get the link. Click on the "share" icon to find the link you should paste into Brightspace.

3. Copy and paste this link into Brightspace. This link has our proxy server attached to it, so students can access the database off-campus.


Databases A to Z in Your Brightspace Course

If you would like this A to Z list of all the library's subscribed databases in your Brightspace course, please contact Erin Sanchez for the embed code.

Database Search Box Widget

If you are interested in a database's search box widget to embed in one of your courses, please contact Erin Sanchez to see if one is available for your database.

See below for example.