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The Library in Brightspace: Images

Professors, this guide is meant to show you the different ways in which you can incorporate the library and its services into your Brightspace courses.

Library Resources for Your Brightspace Course

Linking to Images

You can link to images from ARTSTOR, EBSCO Images, JSTOR, and Gale databases.


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1. Find the Image you want to show your students in ARTSTOR.

2. To only include the link to the image in your course, copy and paste the link from ARSTOR (shown below).

3. You can also copy and paste the image citation (that includes the image link) in your course by clicking on the "Cite" button and then copying one of the citation formats provided.

EBSCO Images

1. To access EBSCO Images, first go to EBSCO's Academic Search Premier database and then click on "Images."

2. After finding an image you want to show students, click on the image.

3. Click on "Permalink" and then copy and paste this link into your course. When your students click on this link, they will be able to view a High Resolution image.

4. Do NOT use the link in the URL bar. It will not work.


EBSCO permalinks require an extra step due to problems with EBSCO's compatibility with our school's proxy server. 

You must paste the permalink from EBSCO into a URL decoder such as and decode the link. Use the new link in your Brightspace course.